How to manage your savings wisely?

Business has been investing in bitcoin, the third largest currency according to Deutsche Bank. Join the best!

Dynamic rate
of return

620% – this is how much bitcoin has grown on average since 2017.




SINCE 2017

Historical records

3102% – this is the return on investment in bitcoin brought to anyone who invested in 2017.


Bank deposits
bring losses

This is how much of your savings was devoured by inflation in 2020.


IN 2020*

(* in Poland)


Inflation is eating up gold
and real estate

Since 2017 an investment in real estate or gold has brought only about 3% above inflation per year.

Save wisely and think

ARI10 has been created to provide you with the safe use of 21st century investment tools, as well as to build bridges for you between traditional and innovative financial systems.

We are building bridges to the new financial world

We have created products that give you effective tools to protect your capital against rising inflation and to open access to modern investment instruments with a high rate of return. The future of the financial revolution is blockchain technology, thanks to which digital currencies are conquering the market, including the most popular and stable one — bitcoin.

Banking security standards

We operate within the framework of the applicable laws and law requirements in Poland and in the European Union. Bitcan exchange platform was entered in the list of Small Payment Institutions of The Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

The safety of your transactions and data protection are our top priority. To monitor high-risk transactions and to prevent unauthorized transactions, fraud, theft attempts and money laundering, we use banking security standards, such as: customer identity verification procedure (KYC – Know Your Customer), anti-money laundering (AML) procedure, biometrics and advanced solutions using artificial intelligence.

We work closely with the Polish Bank Association, the National Clearing House, the Polish Security Printing Works, Nethone and KeychainX (lost virtual currency wallet recovery) and others.


Buy bitcoins
at your convenience

Thinking about you and your future, we have created and developed Bitcan – a virtual currency exchange platform for high-value transactions, Bitcoin Widget – an application for low-value, anonymised bitcoin transactions and Cryptoterminal – a portable device for buying and selling bitcoins for exchange offices and stationary retail outlets.

If you are looking for capital protection or a way to multiply it

Bitcana bitcoin exchange platform for savers, investors and private traders is a unique security system that protects buyers and sellers. We provide you with the opportunity to enter into transactions from 50 PLN to 50,000 PLN at a time, as well as we offer express transfers – money in your bank account in 30 seconds and the cheapest bitcoin withdrawal to a private wallet in Poland.

BitcoinWidgetallows you to buy bitcoins up to 1,000 PLN without account registration or identity verification. It is also the cheapest bitcoin withdrawal to a private wallet in Poland.

Cryptoterminalallows you to buy and sell bitcoins for cash at several dozen partner points in Poland, including: Warsaw, Poznań, Wrocław, Rzeszów, and Łódź. All transactions are anonymous and as simple as in traditional currency exchange offices.

If you are a business or institutional customer

Bitcanbuy/sell transactions up to 50,000 PLN at a time, as well as a unique, multi-dimensional transaction security system and express transfers – you have money in your bank account in 30 seconds. We also provide the cheapest bitcoin withdrawal to a private wallet in Poland.

BitcoinWidgeta simple tool for monetizing traffic and increasing revenues for website owners / publishers as well as bloggers. It is also the cheapest bitcoin withdrawal to a private wallet in Poland.

Cryptoterminala cryptocurrency exchange office in the form of a small terminal that enables bitcoin purchase/sale for cash to third parties.



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