ARI109 Exchange

Secure communication

In emails, Ari10 Exchange never:

  • provides links to the transaction website login page,
  • asks you to send or confirm access passwords, customer numbers or PIN codes.

This information must not be shared with anyone.

Therefore, if you receive an email or phone call asking you to disclose it, please send us a message at: [email protected]


Identity verification

We use biometrics to verify your identity.

Ari10 Exchange operates based on regulations and directives binding in Poland and the European Union, which aim, among others, at the maximum possible protection of the security of people making financial transactions on the Internet.

In order to provide you and your transactions with an appropriate level of security, the Ari10 Exchange has introduced verification of clients' identity (Know Your Customer - KYC), and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures. Verification is simple: using a special application available in your panel, you take a photo of your ID card or passport and a photo of your face. The application sends them to us, and we check the correctness and compliance of the data. You will receive information about the result of the verification within a few minutes (e-mail and SMS).

You will go through identity verification once before making your first transaction. Why is this necessary? To ensure your and other users' security. You show your ID card at the bank too.


Authorisation with SMS codes

Just like in your bank, we use SMS codes to confirm transfers. That is how we authorise operations that you order at our online cryptocurrency exchange.


Two-factor authentication (2FA)

We recommend enabling an additional layer of security for your account, that is, activating two-factor authentication (2FA). 2FA means that when you log in to your account, in addition to your username and password, you enter an authentication code generated by your phone.

By activating two-factor authentication, you protect your account against unauthorised login attempts by other people.


Secure storage

We store the vast majority of digital assets in a secure offline system.

98% of customer funds are stored offline. Offline archiving is an important safeguard in case of theft or data loss. We store bitcoin funds in the most secure wallets - paper wallets.

Sensitive data, which should be stored on our servers, is completely disconnected from the Internet.


Encrypted connection

All communication on our website is done using SSL encryption (https).

Your data is encrypted with the AES-256 algorithm.

We secure the website of the Ari10 Exchange with the same SSL security protocol which is used by banks. It is symbolised by a padlock visible in the web address of and your bank.


Additional security measures

We use advanced monitoring systems for high-risk transactions using artificial intelligence (AI). We also use other monitoring systems that run in the background to further enhance the protection of your transactions.

Need more details? Send us a message:

[email protected]

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