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Ari10 is currently in the process of redeployment. For more information please go to token panel

Simplicity in Deflation

Power in Utility


Together, we're defining the future and wealth!

The Token and Community stand at the forefront of Ari10. You may love crypto for the prosperity it brings; it makes sense. But with us, you will also stay for the outstanding community, vision, and a galore of extras. Dynamic growth, trust, and confidence remain at the center of everything we do, so come to be a part of an ecosystem that thrives together with you and creates long-term success.

So, where’s the advantage?

Fierce competition means plenty of room for innovative and trend-setting companies like Ari10 to shine.

Blockchain is merely entering the growth phase, and this means that the fat years of prosperity are still ahead of us. This is what the market looks like, and we have some strong arguments to go along with that. In theory, exchanging cryptocurrencies into fiats is made possible using many competing applications, but those applications do not address many of these areas that we focus on. In fact, none of them do this as well as we do.

We take care of Business (B2B)

We know how time-consuming running a successful business can be. Thanks to years of experience, Ari10 can offer you legal and accounting support.

Complementary service for cryptocurrency exchanges

Most cryptocurrency exchange platforms allow for converting crypto into fiats, but this is not their core business. Exchange platforms intend to make money on trading. Traditional currency payments are merely a troublesome issue from their perspective. Trusted intermediaries with knowledge of the legal aspects in different locations are simply necessary, and that’s where we come into play.

Fast support & direct communication

Our Partners are offered Priority Support. Our staff have a proven track record of handling unconventional issues on the same day.

Real volume

We are the largest cryptocurrency exchange office provider in Poland. We primarily focus on enabling fiat-to-crypto on-ramps & off-ramps; hence, our volumes are real. Our ever-growing sales are the part and tribute to our success.


$ARI10 token economy is based on three primary pillars: deflation, utility, and governance. We strongly believe that growing demand on par with lowering the emissions will increase the token's value. That's why our wonderful Community voted on burning a staggering 180M of $ARI10 tokens through our Governance Portal. The first Burn will occur on Bitcoin Halving Day and continue for 179 days.

Token usage

3 phases of ARI10 token adoption:


exchange into FIATs


availability through the widget and in Cryptoterminals


implementation within the payment gate

Staking model

If you are the $ARI10 token holder, check our token panel, and start earning your interest on staking! If you want to learn more – see details below.

Let it burn – ARI10 Deflationary Model

You can burn a million dollars, but it won’t stop inflation. Thanks to a token burn, we wish to solve the issues with traditional finance. And above all, to increase the value of the remaining tokens for you. Instead of flooding the market, by using the deflationary model, we’re removing extra tokens from circulation and thus “returning the value” to our community, the $ARI10 token holders. How many tokens have we burned so far? Read more here.

A growing ecosystem - for YOU and with YOU

Currently, we are processing more than a hundred thousand transactions every month. Our user base is constantly growing. As an effect, our token is exposed to all markets, products, and partner integrations of our offerings.


We are committed to engaging our community. As a result, we rely on our holders opinions and recommendations. That's why we implemented the Governance Platform to vote on the most critical and interesting matters.


The growth of our token will exceed your expectations. Our detailed road map will ensure further development of ARI10, and, as a consequence – the value of our token.



Initiated MVP of the exchange offers fast payments and BTC wallet.


Updated version of the exchange, redesigned UX, managing wallets, ATM service.

Payment institution

Bitcan is acquired by a company licensed for payment services, including money transfers, managing virtual wallets, acquiring and issuing payment instruments.

Wallet BTC

Implementation of proprietary BTC wallets, strengthening of the exchange’s position in the Polish market.

Widget (Purchase, PL)

Quick & anonymous BTC purchase on external partners’ websites. No account needed.


Hardware and software for anonymous stationary BTC-PLN transactions. The service works on the affiliate model.

ARI10 Group

Dividing operations into specialized product-based companies. Decentralized management based on the needs of particular products. ARI10 is created as the mother brand associating all products.

Arbitrary engine

A completely rebuilt system allows for downloading the best offers from cooperating exchanges. Securing solvency in case of increased traffic and competing rates.


Implementation of our own system for validation of user identity. Later integration with the eDO app published by the Polish State Securities Printing House made the process as safe as possible.

ARI10 Token listing
Staking program

Earn money on your ARI10 token from the moment of listing.

DCA (Dollar cost averaging)

Add your credit card and automate your systematic crypto investments

New coins and wallets (BNB, BUSD, UST)

Broadening of the offer of available coins.

Migration of products under the ARI10 brand

Rebranding of all Ari10 crypto products.

Widget (Selling)

The Widget will allow for selling with cash collection at a particular location (in cooperation with Cryptoterminal).

1st Token Burn

All features to date in a single mobile app on App Store and Google Play.

ARI10 Crypto-FIAT Gateway

Crypto-FIAT gateway for crypto and non-crypto projects that undergo tokenization


BTC vouchers which can be used to top up a wallet just like you can top up a prepaid sim card. Vouchers will be made available at large retail networks.

Apple Pay + G-Pay

Aside from cards, Blik and Paybylinks. Simplicity and new methods of payment accepted internationally.

MetaMask Integration

The Integration of the MetaMask Wallet with the Bitcan Exchange will not only allow you to buy or sell, but also reduce commissions!

Q1 Token Burn

Quarterly token burn reduces circulating supply of ARI10 tokens!

1st & 2nd CEX Listing

The first two listings of the ARI10 token on CEXs provide more trading opportunities and allow the company to expand internationally!

New Token Panel

Clear passive income. The new token panel will make managing ARI10 tokens even easier!

New Staking Program

This innovative program gives the community 4 new staking tiers, massive airdrops and access to exclusive whales’ clubs.

API for open banking

Gate and crypto wallets for customers of financial institutions.

Cryptocurrency payment gate

Enabling cryptocurrency payments for e-commerce.

Expansion into CEE markets
4th Airdrop

Another airdrop for our holders.

Polygon Chain Implementation

Since then our Gateway will welcome all the polygon projects.

Ari10 Flag Office

The flag stationary exchange office will open its doors to all our customers.

Ari10 Crypto-Vouchers

Possibility of buying the vouchers in thousands of stationary shops around the globe.

Mystery NFT - Twist Of Fate

Rewards for our Mystery NFT holders.

4th Token Burn

Burn of another huge ammunt of Ari10 tokens.

Welcome Packs For Whales

Shipping of our first Welcome Packs with Mystery NFTs and unique merch.

Ari10 Governance

The implementation of our Governance process that allows the Ari10 community to make decisions regarding token solutions.

Bitcoin Chain Implementation

Since then, you will be able to purchase BTC through classic bitcoin network.

Governance V2

Possibility for whales to add proposals on their own.

5th Token Burn

More of the Ari10 tokens will be gone forever.

New Ari10 Affiliate Program

Incorporating the Ari10 token into our fresh affiliate program can increase profits for our community members.

Mystery NFT's

What unique abilities do they possess?

Secret Chain Implementation

There is a possibility that Gateway will go even wider than we have thought.

Welcome Packs Part 2

Second and last shipping of exclusive Ari10 Welcome Packs to our new whales.

Partnership Announcement

Another huge news for our community.

Mystery NFT - Twist of Fate

The reveal of another secret is coming.

6th Token Burn

Here we go again...!

Community Growth Plan

Introduction of the new community channels with extra events.

Tron Chain Implementation

Another chain that will empower our Gateway.

Farming V3

Changes will take place in the farming system which is about to end.

Reveal Of The Secret

Patience will be rewarded.

Ari10 Event Attack

Ari10 Team will be active in the community space as never before.

Secret Staking Program

The preparations are only known to the Ari10 team members for now.

7th Token Burn

Last burn of the year.

Gateway Refresh

New features and frontend for our Gateway.

Gateway: API First Approach

In a headless approach, the frontend and the backend of it are “decoupled”, they stand independently of one another. That means the content presentation layer (is separated from the business logic and functional layer).

Event for Stationary Exchanges

This event enables our stationary exchange partners to gain knowledge, share experiences, and have fun with the Ari10 team.

Further Development Of The Partnerships

Announcement of another significant partnership.

Q1 2024
MVP: Crypto assets sales via Ari10 Gateway

A brand new feature: crypto to fiat off-ramp.

Tokenomics Upgrade

A complete overhaul of $ARI10 Token economics and goals.

Whitepaper Upgrade

Will the bulls take the lead? 

Community Outreach and Activation

More activities, channels, partners, discussions and rewards.

Introducing: Bulls On The Run

The Bulls are primed for the next thrilling chapter in our grand strategy!

Introducing: The Epic Unveil

The Bulls are on the verge of exposing a monumental truth. Are you ready to be the driving force behind this extraordinary revelation

Staker Discounts on Ari10 Gateway

It pays to stake $Ari10 Token. More utility for our Token stakers.

Introducing: Cryptoterminal 2.0

New standards and cooperation schemes for Partner Currency Exchange Offices.

Ari10 Exchange New Look

A complete redesign of the desktop and mobile versions, with the App refresh in the pipeline.

Upgraded Ari10 Exchange Affiliate Program

Earn up to 20% commission from your affiliate network.

Sales Department Team Scale Up

A response to ever growing rise of interest from retail and B2B Partners.

Multichain support for Ari10 Gateway

Support for crypto assets issued on Arbitrum, Optimism, Aptos and Base blockchain networks.

More Payment Methods for Ari10 Gateway

Support for new and demanded payment methods.

Q2 2024
Treasure Airdrop for $ARI10 Token Stakers

First payout of the Treasure holdings accumulated over the months accrued from early Staking Cancellation fees.

Internal Departments Reorganization

Optimizization of the Customer satisfaction and retention rates by restructuring the Customer Support team into separate Support and Account Management teams.

New fiat currencies and crypto assets on Ari10 Exchange

Support for EUR and USD, plus highly demanded crypto assets.

Ari10 Cryptoterminal’s Global Expansion, phase 1

First Currency Exchange Office abroad in a crypto-friendly jurisdiction and premium location.

In-house Social Media Activation

A new take to Social Media with a focus on increasing the brand's share of voice and overall visibility through Partner campaigns.


Dominating position in the market for exchange services in Poland:
  • Bitcan - more than 100 000 business and individual clients

  • Bitcoin Widget - used by 46 sites. Partner websites are visited by over 3M UU monthly.

  • Cryptoterminal - over 100 stationary offices in Poland.

  • increased revenues by 500% Q2Q

  • ROE > 180%

  • C/i = 63%

  • a growing number of satisfied customers NPS > 40

A tested business model allowing for organic growth. International payment methods integrated with their own payment institution. Internal verification and scoring system.

International Expansion

Increased presence in the countries where Ari10 is not yet operating.

Partnership Announcement

Revealing the secret of the new partnership.

New Payment Methods

Ari10 is expanding to serve more and more customers all over the world.

Ari10 Crypto-Vouchers

Possibility of buying the vouchers in thousands of stationary shops around the globe.


Q3 2024
Ari10 Gateway’s interface and UX refresh

Experience a set of new features and simplified navigation.’s New Look

A complete website overhaul with a sleek, fresh look & enhanced features focused on going global.

Flagship Currency Exchange Offices

Ari10’s premium & model locations in Poland – an exceptional offer for investors seeking turnkey business solutions.

New crypto assets on Ari10 Cryptoterminal

A response to the ever growing needs of the market.

Affiliate System for Partner Currency Exchange Offices

New opportunities for growth, collaboration and earning. It pays to Partner.

Crypto SWAPs on Ari10 Exchange

Swap supported crypto assets to stablecoins with minimal fees.

Q4 2024
$ARI10 Token listing on 3rd exchange

More liquidity, more options and more trading pairs for $ARI10 Token.

Ari10 Cryptoterminal’s Global Expansion, phase 2

A first batch of flagship partner Currency Exchange Offices in crypto-friendly jurisdictions. Dependent on Regulatory approval.


Crypto SWAPs on Ari10 Gateway

Swap crypto assets and tokens in ease, directly from the Gateway interface.

Standardized Currency Exchange Office

Standardized look & feel of in-house and Partner Currency Exchange Offices.

MiCA & Crypto Travel Rule Compliance

Adhering to the latest regulatory standards.



Founder of AIBC Summit

Gruszka CEO and blockchain advisor


Founder & CEO of Angelblock


Co-founder of Sigmadex


Founder of


Partner at KeychainX PRO


Blockchain Advisor


Crypto & Blockchain Advocate


Country Manager at Paysafe & advisor in Fintech startups


Founder of Prezart


Management & Founders


Co-founder and Chief Information & Security Officer/Head of Technology


Co-founder and Business Development


Co-founder & Board Member


Co-founder and Board Member


Co-founder and Cryptoterminal Product Owner


Executive Manager


Co-founder and CEO

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Frequently Asked Question

Ari10 is a 5-product crypto company with over 40 persons on the board. We have been on the market for 4 years, and we created: Bitcan (online exchange service), BitcoinWidget, Litpay (our financial institution), Litpay ID and CryptoTerminals. Please visit our main page to get more details:

For the latest status updates on Ari10, please follow us on social media, & and go to the Roadmap section on this page where you can check the updated information.

You can buy Ari10 tokens on PancakeSwap. Check our tutorials on Ari10 YouTube channel:

The only correct Ari10 token address is: 0x80262F604acAC839724F66846F290A2cC8b48662 Please, beware of scams.

You can find the latest news & updates on our social media channels,

Please get in touch with us using the contact tab on our website or ask any of our moderators on the official telegram channel

The Ari10 App will be released in Q2 2022.

Listings on CEX will happen in Q2 of 2022.

Staking & Farming is available on our token panel

Tutorials are available on our Youtube channel:

You can find our roadmap on this website, in the section Roadmap.

Yes. There will be Ari10 token burns made from company profits each quarter.

Ari10 is released on binance smart chain (BSC) with plans to expand into other blockchains in the future.

Maximum supply was 880.000.000,00 tokens but we have already started the burning proces, so the actual number of coins could be found on the main page of token panel.

You will be able to claim them via our Ari10 token panel

Yes, there was one Ari10 Airdrop already. We have plans for more. Please wait for further announcements.

Both have 10% TGE. A private sale has 15 months daily linear vesting, public sale has 12 months daily linear vesting.

No, The Ari10 team is not anonymous. You can go to our team tab on this website, check our Whitepaper & see the team behind Ari10 (including links to our Linkedin profiles).

BNB will be the only approved currency.

You can claim your Ari10 tokens using the token panel on our website

It happens because there is a vesting process. A private sale has 15 months daily linear vesting, a public sale has 12 months daily linear vesting.