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Welcome to the future of transactions! Additional income, seamless funding, payment solutions, intuitive onramps, and beyond. Our tool can help you attract new customers and gain a competitive edge! Are you ready?

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Your personal data navigator

Drive success with an integrated dashboard

Key features

Versatile solutions for diverse clients

  • Crypto & Web3 Projects
  • Web Publishers & Merchants
  • Crowdfunding & Fundraising

Fast Implementation

Struggling with budgets? Meet Ari10 Gateway! Tech for seamless fundraising. Whether new project or accepting donations as established, our widget streamlines the process. Competitive fees, minimal effort. Try it, success starts now!

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Built-in Compliance

With our dedicated gateway, you don’t have to worry about compliance with KYC/AML standards. We handle it for you! Our KYC process that starts at $500 is a win-win procedure between security and UX. It runs smoothly, lasts only 60 seconds, and doesn’t redirect. Try this with others, or actually good luck!

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Advanced Analytics

Our widget comes with a convenient Partner Dashboard, giving you instant access to all the numbers you need. Built for efficiency, this data-rich hub provides you with comprehensive information on orders, transactions, earned commissions, and much more. Let's schedule a demo meeting so we can explain it in detail.

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Hand-in-hand with the most popular payment methods

Our innovative solution merges the benefits of DeFi and traditional banking, enabling seamless connections between mainstream fiat payments, popular cryptocurrencies and Web3 services. Ari10 Gateway supports all major global and local payment networks. Just have a look at this list! With us, you can offer your customers the flexibility they deserve.

Your gate to a limitless digital landscape where security, simplicity, and profit potential reign supreme!

Integrate with Bitcoin, Ethereum, TRON, the Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon with a few lines of code.

BitcoinEthereumTronBinance smart chainPolygon

Even more features

Advanced technology and beyond

Expand into new markets

Hassle-free transition from Web2 to Web3 to provide a better experience for you and your visitors.

Exceed expectations

Direct fund transfers to a given wallet with high-level security and instant transactions.

Enhance credibility

Robust compliance is not just a legal necessity, but also a way to earn the trust of your customers.

Join a thriving community

Your token may be featured on industry portals of our partners, bringing it to a wider audience.

Turn clicks to income

Superior to regular DeFi platforms, a smooth process, and secure automation.

Get ready... billions of online users are waiting for you

Step into the forefront of the crypto world and embrace a future where your business thrives.

100KNumber of transactions
30K+Number of users
70%New customers waiting for you

Fully regulated and secure

All our solutions are compliant with European AML/KYC standards and MiCA regulations

Additional info

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to be fully onboarded?

Unlike many other existing solutions on the market, our Gateway is smooth and fast to implement. However, since its customization options are as wide as its capabilities, the onboarding process can extend. You can discuss details related to your project requirements with our consultants. Meetings or e-mails are not yet binding decisions! You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

Who handles payment problems and customer complaints?

Rest assured, our support team is here to address and resolve all issues and inquiries. Their expertise and commitment to excellence ensure effective solutions. Our top priority is to provide the best experience for our partners and their clients. That’s why we have developed a comprehensive solution that manages the entire transaction process, from start to finish. Indeed, Ari10 Gateway!

Which fiat currencies are supported by your widget?

Currently, we support fiat pairings for EUR, USD, and PLN. If you require a currency that is not listed, please reach out to us using this form. We are open to new partnerships and considering additional currency options that align with their requirements.

What documents do I need to get started?

We understand that bureaucracy can be frustrating. However, to ensure a successful and compliant onboarding, we do require a few essential documents. Our dedicated department will help you navigate through the process with ease. In this short video, our advisor covers all required documents and provides an overview of the onboarding process.

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