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Ari10’s AMA is Back in Action!

Remember the last AMA session we had in April? Back then, we discussed the new method of buying cryptocurrencies via paysafecard through Ari10 Gateway. A month later, thanks to your active participation, we jointly decided to make changes in the staking of the ARI10 token. Your feedback is priceless to us, so we’ve lined up another thrilling session this coming Wednesday. Keep in mind, the entire session will be conducted in English.


Special Guests, Important Discussions

For the upcoming AMA, we’ve invited true experts for you. As usual, we will have Mateusz Kara, CEO of Ari10, who is professionally involved in the legal aspects of blockchain technology, and Grzegorz Wojtyniak, our specialist for the ARI10 token. We will discuss current topics related to the Ari10 company, i.e., the new utility of the token, changes in products, and governance. Moreover, as our special guest, Rafał Łabędzki, CEO of Challenger Project — Ari10's valued partner - will join us. We’ll delve into the latest updates on his project.


New Benefits for the Ari10 Community

We won’t keep it a secret: we’ve prepared a lot of interesting news and surprises for you. During the AMA, we’ll discuss:

  • Cashback related to Tether (USDT): Yes, you read that right! At Ari10 Exchange and at Cryptoterminal stationary exchanges, we’ll be offering special discounts for USDT sale transactions. We want you to feel appreciated!
  • Another airdrop: In collaboration with one of our partners, we’ve prepared something special for our community.
  • New staking model for the ARI10 token: The recent vote on the Ari10 Governance platform led to changes in the ARI10 token staking, but this is just the beginning of new opportunities for our community. We can already hint that upcoming updates should be even more advantageous for ARI10 hodlers!
  • Contest Announcement: During the AMA session, we’ll reveal details about a contest with exclusive prizes for the Ari10 community.