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Ari10 has been operating in the crypto-blockchain space since 2017. Over these years, we have received an array of great press coverages. Ranging from mentions published by the fastest growing Forex and FinTech portals, through various interviews, articles and publications listed in smaller and bigger sites, sharing credible information about the crypto markets. Scroll down to explore some of them. Deep thoughts and exciting stories. Discover more about our native token, comprehensive portfolio and dynamic ecosystem. Learn more about our mission and vision, recent achievements and visible growth. Ari10. Crypto. Simplified.

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Fundraising in the bear market. What can we do to support projects? Mateusz Kara explains

In the cryptocurrency market, sentiment can rapidly change, but it is essential to consider enduring trends like blockchain technology for long-term investments. Inexperienced investors often follow short-lived market sentiment and interpreting trends based on fleeting emotions, overlooking the cyclical nature of the cryptocurrency market.

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What happens when a group of professional lawyers and entrepreneurs dive into crypto with one goal: to make it more accessible for the business world? Ari10! Here it comes.

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Users Prefer Stationary Crypto Exchanges to BTMs. Ari10 already has more than 100 points located throughout Poland, and it still continues to expand its business.

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Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) - a smarter way to grow your wealth. Ari10 Exchange enables its users to automate their crypto purchases and better plan their investments over time.

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Ari10 Group at #CFS2022, first steps abroad

Cyprus aims to become the next European blockchain hub. With its first foray into the local market, Ari10 intends to make the most of this trend. Taking part in this year’s Cyprus FinTech Summit marks a symbolic start of a new chapter for the company.

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Cryptoterminal: A market revolution or just another BTC exchange? Interview with Janusz Zieliński.

“Cryptoterminal is a project that aims to have a real impact on the adoption of cryptocurrencies. A solution that ultimately benefits everyone: entrepreneurs - to combine their passion with business; customers - to buy and sell cryptocurrency locally from a trustworthy source.” 

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We are Ari10!

Our crypto-journey began already in 2017. Initially, we launched an online exchange offering fast payments and a secure BTC wallet. For the next 3 years, the Ari10 Exchange, formerly known as Bitcan, dynamically developed its functionalities and user base. Eventually, with over 100,000 individual and business clients, it won the title of “The number #1 crypto exchange in Poland”. Moving on, we’ve created a functional widget that already in 2021 enabled online users to buy and sell crypto in an intuitive and anonymous manner, while allowing website owners to turn their traffic into actual earnings. In the same year, we expanded our portfolio with another product called Cryptoterminal. Supporting fast and secure crypto-fiat / fiat-crypto transactions, this innovative device enables entrepreneurs to open their own stationary crypto-exchange office in cooperation with us. Actively enriching their income and building a business resistant to any market fluctuations. A year later, we issued our native token ($ARI10). With over 9,000 holders but also an extensive utility, it provides value to the entire Ari10 group. And above all, to members of its community. Finally we come to 2022. Our latest achievements include, for example, two mobile applications and a new flagship product. Modular crypto-gateways. Another white-label solution for B2B entities, which also opens up extra opportunities for our international expansions. In fact, we have ambitious plans and a solid team to ensure their implementation. Our Roadmap extends well for many years into the future. When the market requires a solution, we provide one! We are Ari10! A project to remember. The one that’s building bridges to the new financial world. To keep it short: Ari10. Crypto. Simplified.

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