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Ari10 has accustomed us to continuous product development. In recent months, we have observed improvements in Ari10 Gateway functionality, and final work is also underway on the new website for the online exchange, Ari10 Exchange. Now, the team is simultaneously preparing significant changes to the token. Ari10 is starting work on redeploying its Ari10 token. Read the rest of the article to stay updated on upcoming changes. Do you own an Ari10? Be sure to read the entire article!

What's happening with the Ari10 token and what is redeploy? ➡️

The Ari10 token, since its release in October 2021, is available on the BNB Smart Chain network. For developmental reasons, the company has decided to redeploy and switch networks from BSC to BASE. This decision follows a series of analyses, team discussions, and interviews with Whales. Ari10 decided to end its contract and discontinued support on the BSC network.

Deploying, in other words, generating a token, involves generating a new smart contract for the token, in this case, for ARI on the new network. The existing contract will no longer be supported, and the new smart contract will be made public later along with the official TGE - the token generation event. We use the term redeploy to emphasize that Ari10 is making a change significant for every holder of our token and to assure that every user, by performing the simple action of 'sacrificing' the tokens they currently own, will receive the same value of tokens on the new network.

Binance sentiment as a warning light

In recent months, negative sentiment around the Binance exchange and CEO Changpeng Zhao has intensified. The dispute has impacted the entire Binance brand's reputation, raising doubts about the chain's attractiveness, directly associated with Binance, for developing projects. The situation is entirely different with the BASE chain, where strong community engagement ensures network growth, and oversight from Coinbase offers a much higher guarantee that all operations and the chain will comply with upcoming regulations. Additionally, the current valuation of BNB provides an ideal moment to break the current liquidity pool with the pair, which may also fluctuate dynamically. We invite you to read an article about the BASE network at this link.

🔟 - A Bullseye or a misstep?

When creating the ARI10 token, one significant drawback was not foreseen. When exchanging information on the X platform, the ticker $ARI10 does not work properly, making it difficult to search for information about the token. This issue is due to the inclusion of numerical characters in the name, causing it not to display correctly and making it hard to share quickly and easily between platforms. Another problem was anti-bot verification, which caused issues during token distribution, preventing simple community contests with rewards in Ari10. From the generation of the new token, we will use ARI10 (ARI).

Every holder of Ari10 tokens on the BNB chain who burns them will receive the same number of tokens on the BASE network. The ability to burn tokens will be open from 20.06.2024 and last until 23:59 CET (21:59 UTC) on 31.07.2024. During this period, using the Ari10 token panel, you can easily ensure token allocation on the new network. The token sacrifice will be carried out on a 1:1 basis for ARI10 tokens, meaning that each burned token will be available on the BASE network as ARI.

Token Sacrifice ARI10 🔥 - Get tokens on the BASE chain

After the sacrifice period ends, there will be no possibility to convert tokens from the old BSC network to the new BASE network. After 31.07.2024, the Ari10 team will not support tokens on the BSC network. This means no exchanging tokens at Ari10 Cryptoterminal physical exchange offices, Ari10 Exchange, and Ari10 Gateway - all Ari10 products used for exchange. Liquidity pool holders of ARI10/BNB are requested to remove it by 31.07.2024. The token generation date on the new network will be announced soon during the information campaign for the move to the BASE network.

Staked Tokens? Already unlocked! 🔓

With the redeploy information, all existing staking programs are closing. Rewards from current staking programs are now available for withdrawal. Also, all staked tokens do not currently require unbonding, allowing them to be withdrawn to your wallet without withdrawal costs.

New planned staking pools are:

- The longest four-year staking provides at least 12 airdrops per year (base X).

- Two-year staking provides at least 5 airdrops per year (based on the equation X/2-1).

- One-year staking provides at least 2 airdrops per year (based on the equation X/4-1).

- Half-year staking provides one airdrop (rounded to whole numbers X/8-1).

IMPORTANT: We reserve the right to grant significantly MORE airdrops, with the given values being the minimum. The value of airdrops will vary depending on the project, the number of tokens in staking, and additional conditions depend on the project distributing the airdrop for the Ari10 community.

All discounts in Ari10 products will be available to stakers of the new ARI tokens. 💰

There may be slight changes to certain products and discounts, such as an increase in affiliate percentage. Importantly, although APR will no longer generate additional ARI tokens, airdrops will become the main incentive for holders. This means the estimated annual potential APR should be higher than with previous staking programs that impacted token inflation. All previous governance decisions will not apply to the new token due to significant changes in airdrop distribution.

Another advantage of the future staking system with rewards based on airdrops will be the ability to leverage our experts' investment knowledge, who will select the most promising projects for airdrop distribution. This will enrich holders' portfolios with solid assets without personal analysis. This can be very helpful for beginners or busy individuals. By holding one token, users will gradually build a strong portfolio of carefully selected positions by specialists in a completely passive manner.

All funds received in the form of airdrops can be reinvested or cashed out without waiting for the end of the lock-up period for the chosen staking tier.

Maintained deflation in the new tokenomics

In light of the upcoming regulations and to be able to adapt to new conditions under MiCA, the decision to end quarterly burns was made. Additionally, planned burns led to speculation on price changes, which did not promote Ari10 holders, the most dedicated community, but rather those focusing on quick trades and profit. The team does not want to risk regulatory issues related to security tokens, so in the new token, quarterly burns will not be carried out. Instead, the team will continue to reduce supply - burning 180 million tokens and ensuring allocations for new projects. The new tokenomics will also eliminate APR for farming ARI tokens, further limiting potential inflation.

Users choosing to provide liquidity will receive rewards from trading on the ARI/USDC pair, delivered directly by the decentralized exchange. Thanks to stimulated volumes and the acquisition of a new community around the ARI token, this move should generate volume from the new community emerging around ARI.

I Have tokens on the exchange - What's next?

All users holding tokens on LBank and Coinsbit exchanges are required to withdraw them to a decentralized wallet and 'sacrifice' them before the end of ARI10 token support on the BNB network. After this period, exchanges will no longer support Ari10 tokens, and further exchange and conversion will no longer be possible. Until then, ARI10 tokens can also be sold on these exchanges.

To support users holding tokens on the Ari10 Exchange, automatic conversion of ARI10 tokens to new ARI tokens on the BASE chain is ensured. This process will be completed at the TGE of the new ARI token. Until 31.07, ARI10 tokens can be purchased and sold through the Ari10 Exchange. All tokens held in wallets will be returned in the form of new ARI tokens at a 1:1 ratio.

Efficient token burning - tutorial

To receive new ARI tokens, on the dedicated tab on the website:, make the ARI10 token sacrifice.

Or burn them by invoking contract number 2. burn on the BSCscan site with the number of tokens to be burned:

The second manual option for users is to burn tokens through the BSCscan tab

IMPORTANT: All other sites offering exchange will be attempts at fraud and theft of your tokens, which may result in the complete loss of your tokens!