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A Look Back at Our Partnership with Challenger Project

It's been several months since we announced our partnership with the Challenger Project. In recent times, the project has made significant strides, aiming to have the $CHLL token listed on decentralized exchanges by 2023. The token is already available for trade on Uniswap. As Ari10, we've played our part in making the token more accessible to an even wider audience of potential players.

Working on a project that involves tokenization is no simple task. It demands a great deal of time and effort from the creators. When approached with complete awareness, the time required for implementation can be extensive. We are thrilled that our partner, Challenger Project, has just undergone its Token Generation Event (TGE) and already has its token listed. But how did it all start for us?

Let's start with the Whales! 🐋

Earlier in the year, when Challenger was planning the private sale phase of its token, news of the fundraising phrase reached our community. The most committed members, the Whales, were given the opportunity to participate in the project right from the private phase. Our nod to these 'whales' was received optimistically by some, leading them to purchase the future tokens. This allowed the Challenger Project to expand its capabilities with the funds raised. If you're looking to join the Ari10 whale club, check out our staking.

Strengthening Our Collaboration! 🤝

In the subsequent phase of our collaboration, we were confident that the Ari10 Gateway was a key piece of the puzzle that should be integrated into the Challenger Project post-TGE. Over the summer, you could witness joint contests and AMAs. Last week marked the listing of the CHLL token on the decentralized exchange, Uniswap. Right after the TGE, our payment gateway appeared on the Challenger Project's website. This means anyone interested in the $CHLL token can now purchase it directly from the project's website, requiring only their cryptocurrency wallet. The token is available on the Polygon network.

Gateway on Challenger Project

Who is the Gateway For? 🛒

Now, any potential investor or gamer can easily purchase the $CHLL token! We are delighted with the token's implementation on the Polygon chain, having integrated its native currency - MATIC, into our Gateway in the first half of 2023.

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