The blockchain market is growing month by month. We can find many reasons for this situation. One of them relates to the obvious usefulness of the new technology. However, one of the factors driving growth is companies launching their own tokens. That’s what we’ll talk about today!

In this article, we will tell you how companies can sell their tokens in an entirely different way. How they can make investments easier for people not familiar with the crypto world and only have fiat money (USD, EUR, PLN). You will find out how Ari10’s fiat-crypto gateway impacts investors’ exposure to company tokens!

The Fastest Way to Attract New Investors

Companies release tokens, but often have trouble selling them because they are only listed on DEXs. It is important to remember that people aren’t interested in blockchain because it is blockchain. After all, most of us want to invest in the potential of a business, not necessarily in terms of crypto or technology. The Ari10 Gateway is a tool that connects a traditional investor to a company that has utility tokens on the blockchain.

Why is the path short with the Ari10 Gateway?

The Ari10 Gateway allows investors to buy tokens directly from the company’s website for fiat currencies!

And what did it look like until now?

Usually if a company listed a token on DEX (decentralized exchange) traditional finance people had a “bumby” road to investment. In order to invest in tokens on DEX, he had to first buy crypto for traditional currencies on a centralized exchange. All this takes time and effort.

The question is, can everyone do it?

Of course not!

But if a token is listed on DEX, do they have to?

Of course not… with the Ari10 Gateway!

But to the point, what is Ari10 Gateway?

It’s a widget for a website that allows, among other things, to sell the company’s tokens, which are listed on decentralized exchanges. In terms of development, a company that wants to sell its own blockchain token simply implements two lines of code on its domain. Ari10’s fiat-crypto gateway is a bridge between traditional finance and blockchain. It is a white-label tool, so any company with a token on a DEX can implement it under its brand.

How can a company sell its token through the Ari10 Gateway?

The answer is simple: by partnering with Ari10. As a first step, contact the Ari10 Gateway product team — Tomasz Watras or Tymoteusz Staworzynski — via the form at

Ari10 Gateway: B2B Collaboration And Sales

Your point of view on the Ari10 Gateway depends on where you “sit”. If you are a company with a token on DEX, you can enter into a B2B partnership with Ari10 and use the gateway to sell your blockchain product. On the other hand, if you are a user (reader, fan of the project) of a particular website where the fiat-crypto gateway is implemented, you can use the Ari10 Gateway to buy tokens. You then become an investor and a customer in one.

How does Ari10 Gateway make investing in blockchain tokens easy for traditional investors? 

Tokens are available directly on the company’s website for fiat currencies (USD, EUR and PLN).

Company tokens are available for purchase using traditional payment methods such as debit/credit card, quick bank transfers, BLIK (and soon prepaid cards).

Ari10 Gateway is easy to use thanks to its simple interface.

Do investors have any additional reasons to use the Ari10 Gateway?

Of course yes! Look at that:

KYC (know-your-customer) identity verification starts from 500 USD.

Total security based on cooperation with the most reputable companies on the market in cyber-crypto security and compliance with all current regulations.

To sum up,

from the perspective of a company that has listed a token on DEX and wants to make it available to investors, Ari10 Gateway is “gold”!

Here’s why:

  • Ari10 Gateway generates revenue from commissions on every sale. Additionally, partners can see statistics and completed transactions through a dashboard.
  • Ari10 Gateway has a positive impact on the token price.
  • Increases engagement around the company’s project.
  • Using the gateway is easy for both beginners and advanced crypto users.
  • Traditional investors are no longer blocked by cryptocurrency unfamiliarity.
  • Any company with a token listed on DEX on blockchains like Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Ethereum can implement Ari10 Gateway.
  • Each company can customize the widget’s appearance to match its website layout.

We Are Lazy and Have Problems on DEX’s?

An investor who buys tokens on DEX must first of all know crypto space. He needs to understand how to operate decentralized exchanges. Once he connects the wallet to the site, he will need to figure out what and where to click to purchase the token. This is certainly a much harder process than buying tokens using the Ari10 Gateway!

Furthermore, there is one more important point worth mentioning. More about the buyer’s psychology. Namely, all of these activities on DEX require additional effort. And not only for beginners. After all, before an investor buys a token on DEX, he must first visit several sites. Sometimes, he must also register with identity verification on a centralized exchange. And after all, people, in general, don’t like to do additional things and may get discouraged quickly.

From the seller’s perspective, the more things the customer has to do, the lower the chance of a sale! Let’s remember that we are lazy by nature. Subconsciously, our brains choose the simplest path to do things and use resources in the most effective way. It can make all the difference in sales. When companies fail to understand this, they lose out to competitors who make investors’ lives easier.

The situation is quite different when a company connects its site to the Ari10 Gateway. Investors can now gain access to tokens without having to register on exchanges, visit various additional sites, etc., which they would have to do if they bought them directly on a DEX. Through the Ari10 Gateway, people interested in a particular company can go to their website and purchase tokens using payment methods they know. As a result, it is likely that users who have already visited the site and like the project will use the gateway to quickly buy a token.

The Ari10 Gateway doesn’t require you to be familiar with cryptocurrencies to invest in blockchain tokens. The entire process is done on one page, and you only need basics like managing bank accounts, which almost everyone can do. Simple, fast and transparent. That is what is meant by true technological adoption. The only additional thing that an investor needs to do (if they haven’t already done so far) is create a crypto wallet such as Metamask. This process, however, is very simple, and companies can teach their investors how to do it in a few short steps by providing easy instructions.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Ari10 Gateway is an excellent tool for companies with a token listed on a decentralized exchange (DEX), because:

It allows them to make additional money by selling their own tokens.

It gives both crypto-advanced and traditional investors exposure to the company’s tokens in a more accessible way.

If you have a token on DEX and are interested in having Ari10 Gateway integrated on your site, please contact us here (through the form):!

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