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Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity in the mainstream. Therefore, companies looking to attract new customers are showing interest in them. Before, however, selling digital assets was a challenge for business. After all, it was linked to a considerable technological barrier and high costs. Now, however, things have become much simpler thanks to Ari10 Gateway. Today’s article explains how Ari10 Gateway can help your business too!

What Is Ari10 Gateway?

Ari10 Gateway is a digital fiat-crypto payment gateway, so-called on-ramp solution. It’s a white-label tool that allows B2B companies to automate the sale of cryptocurrencies for fiat money on their own website. What’s important, we’re talking about more than selling just popular digital assets. Via Ari10 Gateway, a company can also organize a presale of its company tokens. How?

Ari10 Gateway is a product that works as a widget that can be placed on any website. That widget lets users easily purchase crypto with a few clicks using the most popular payment methods, such as bank transfer, credit card and BLIK.

Gateway panel

Moreover, Ari10 Gateway operates multiple blockchains: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon and BNB Chain. This means that it supports all tokens that are listed on DEXes built in ERC-20 and BEP-20 standards.

If a company has individual requirements and needs to use a custom or different blockchain for fundraising, this is also possible — preferably if the blockchain is compatible with EVM. An example is the Ari10 x Chain4Energy collaboration. C4E will conduct a presale of its own tokens on the Cosmos blockchain.

You may be wondering now: how much does all this cost? And here we have good news. In case a B2B partner implements the Ari10 Gateway to sell crypto through the gateway, or wants to raise money then the only fee is an airdrop of its tokens to the Ari10 community (ARI10 token hodlers). In the case of the standard implementation of the Ari10 Gateway, there is no additional fee, other than the contribution of company tokens to airdrop for the Ari10 community. There are individual onboarding terms for companies without their own tokens.

What Makes Ari10 Gateway Unique?

Ari10 is a tailor-made solution for companies interested in selling cryptocurrencies, as it has several features and functions that set it apart from its competitors, specifically:

  • Customers can buy cryptocurrencies directly for fiat currencies (USD, EUR, PLN) on any website (company website, news portal, etc.).
  • Support for multiple payment methods (Apple Pay, Google Pay, wire transfer, credit/debit card and BLIK).
  • Buying cryptocurrencies up to $500 does not require registration and strict identity verification (KYC).
  • Ari10 Gateway has a simple and intuitive interface. Thanks to that, even a beginner with no technical knowledge can buy his first cryptocurrencies with just a few mouse clicks. All this in just 3 minutes.
  • Companies that place the Ari10 widget on their website earn a commission on each crypto purchase transaction. Sales commission payment method (fiat currency or cryptocurrency) is determined in an individual meeting with Ari10.
  • Sales of crypto assets on the site are done automatically, so Ari10 Gateway generates passive income.
  • Companies that arrange a presale (fundraising) of their tokens using the Ari10 Gateway receive the entire amount from the sale.
  • Ari10 Gateway has all the necessary anti-fraud software built in. Moreover, the product complies with the latest AML guidelines and regulations. This means that both — the company placing the widget on its site and the user buying cryptocurrencies — feel safe.
  • The widget supports multiple blockchains: Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Polygon. Moreover, it is possible to implement more blockchains and sell any DEX-listed tokens built on the standard of the above chains.
  • Putting the widget on the website is super easy. All you need to do is paste a few lines of code, and that’s it!
  • The look of the widget can be freely modified. It means you can change its colors and shape to match the site’s layout. Naturally, this can have a positive impact on conversions.
  • The implementation fee covers only the cost of providing the airdrop of company tokens to the Ari10 community.

What if you want to become an Ari10 partner, place the Ari10 Gateway widget on your site, and start earning?

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