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Ari10 is entering into a partnership with paysafecard, allowing Ari10 Gateway users to buy cryptocurrencies for cash at the popular global stores (+900k worldwide) from now on. Undoubtedly, this is a huge step towards mass adoption of blockchain and crypto. Check out the sales outlets with paysafecard in your local area and how to buy bitcoin (BTC) even more securely with cash.

Blockchain requires extensive regulation. Over the past few years, a lot of work has already been done in this aspect, as many countries around the world recognize bitcoin (BTC) as legal tender. It remains only a matter of time before people start using crypto widely around the world. In order to achieve mass adoption of this technology, it is necessary to further clarify the role of blockchain in the global financial ecosystem.

However, it will probably always be possible to buy digital assets up to a legally defined threshold without a strict KYC procedure (see Ari10 Gateway purchases). This legal principle (approved by most governments) is a positive thing, as it makes it easier to invest in crypto for smaller sums of money. With such regulations, the Ari10 team, in partnership with paysafecard, is giving users a new simple tool. With it, you can buy crypto for cash while maintaining even more privacy! This solution could allow users to purchase cryptocurrencies without having a bank account.

How To Buy Crypto With paysafecard?

Do you need cryptocurrencies, but don’t want to use a bank account? It’s very easy because all you have to do is go to a listed store and purchase a paysafecard prepaid voucher ( If you don’t want to leave home you can buy a paysafecard online. In the next step, when you already have your voucher, go to the dedicated Ari10 Gateway page, which is a special licensed gateway for buying cryptocurrencies with paysafecard codes. There, choose the crypto you want to buy and its amount, paste in the cryptocurrency wallet address or the wallet address of the store where you want to buy something for crypto. Then fill in the rest of the required fields, and at the very end indicate the paysafecard payment method and voila! You’ve got it! Very quickly, securely and without problems!

How To Buy Bitcoin And Altcoins With the paysafecash Method?

There is also a second method for buying crypto privately called paysafecash. In this method we slightly reverse the order of operations mentioned in the previous paragraph. So, first we enter the dedicated Ari10 Gateway page with paysafecard, choose the cryptocurrency, its amount, fill in the required fields and paste the address. Finally, we click the paysafecash payment method, after that a barcode will be generated, with which we go to the store from the list ( There we show the QR code to a store clerk and pay. The cryptocurrencies will appear in your wallet only after payment.

Benefits Of Using Ari10 Gateway And paysafecard

What attracts people to cryptocurrencies is their private nature when owning them. There is no chance of purchasing digital assets without numerous procedures on centralized crypto exchanges. Fortunately, Ari10 introduced a solution for this in the form of a fiat-crypto gateway. This is a convenient tool that anyone can use. Now it’s also integrated with the paysafecard payment method. So even a newbie can easily buy their favorite cryptocurrencies for cash through the dedicated Ari10 Gateway page. There is no need even for a bank account in order to purchase crypto assets, so those who particularly value their privacy are even more satisfied.

Ari10, in compliance with the current law, puts at the disposal of customers a convenient tool to purchase crypto without strict KYC (know-your-customer) verification process up to a certain amount. Thanks to our partnership with paysafecard, blockchain enthusiasts have cryptocurrencies close at hand in popular sales outlets such as Agip petrol station, BP, Media Markt or Rossmann (and many more). Everyone can decide whether to purchase cryptocurrencies for investment purposes, or use them for other online purchases or maybe to unlock a level in a video game. It all depends on what you need.

Want to make a loved one a gift and thinking about bitcoin (BTC)? Do as you want. With the Ari10 Gateway you gain true freedom! Security at Ari10 Gateway is at the highest possible level, due to cooperation with entities that specialize in cybersecurity (you can read more here). Undoubtedly, world-renowned partner paysafecard adds to users’ confidence that Ari10 Gateway is a globally innovative product!

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