ari10 summary

Company Insights and Future Goals

August kicked off with an insightful company meeting. Our CEO, Mateusz Kara, took the online “stage” to reflect on our journey and set an inspiring vision for the future. Achieving 50,000 transactions on our Ari10 Gateway is a moment of pride for us, but we’re not stopping here. Our next milestone? Doubling that to 100,000 transactions monthly.

In the Heart of the Crypto Cosmos

Being active participants in the crypto world means both in-house developments and external engagements. We made our presence felt at the ETH Warsaw event, networking with industry leaders, investors, and enthusiasts. And our engagement doesn’t stop there. Events like ZebuLive in London or CryptoGib in Gibraltar are also on our radar. Furthermore, we’re planning a signature Ari10 event scheduled for the end of this year (details soon).

Ari10’s Partner and Our Community

Partnering with Chain4Energy (C4E) marks a significant step towards exploring new horizons, especially in the emerging Web3 sector. Discussions around how C4E and Ari10 can mutually benefit resonated on Twitter Spaces (listen in here). We also delve deeper into our collaboration with C4E in a detailed article, which is worth a read.

But this paragraph is not just about partnership; we truly value our community’s feedback. A big thank you for the positive reviews on Trustpilot, and we encourage you to continue sharing your experiences with Ari10’s products here.

Collaborations That Simplify

In line with our commitment to offer the best to our users, we’ve partnered with Cointracking. This collaboration aims to streamline the process of tracking and generation of tax reports for digital currency transactions made by our users on Ari10 Exchange. Hence, we’re offering a 10% off on Cointracking services (you’ll find it on a “history” tab after logging in to the Ari10 Exchange). On the flip side, a special 75% discount code for your first transaction on our Ari10 Exchange is also available on

Bullish Moves with ARI10 Token and a Crypto Contest

We’re in the process of implementing essential changes to the ARI10 token, aligning it with our company’s strategic direction. Initiatives like the “Rise of the Bulls” campaign, new staking options, and introducing cashback offers are just the tip of the iceberg. We’re also gearing up for another reduction of ARI10 tokens as part of a planned quarterly token burning event. Additionally, token hodlers can anticipate future airdrop events from notable names like Legend Of Elysium and Challenger Project.

For a deeper dive into: token utility, governance, and other updates, checkout our detailed tweet (X). We’ve also covered everything in an Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session on our YouTube channel.

And yes, contests are on the horizon! Participate in our Soquest competition for a chance to win 100 USD (5x 20 USD).

Stay tuned for more contests, with details of the first one available below

Welcoming New Faces

Last but not least, we’re thrilled to introduce Paula Czerska, who has joined us as Office Manager. Welcome to the team, Paula!

In summary, August was a month of challenges, dedication, and grit. But trust us, this is just the beginning of our exciting journey.