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As banks face increasing problems, stationary crypto exchange offices are growing. When users exchange cash for digital assets there, they feel safe, but they also know that everything is done in accordance with current regulations. Additionally, stationary crypto exchange offices offer many advantages over most online exchanges. A website that only offers the option to exchange money for bitcoin (BTC) or other virtual assets (without much support) is not enough for many users. People need definitely more!

Also, if we are talking about beginners, any mistake when buying or selling crypto can lead to irreversible fund losses. In this article, we will show you how to exchange cash for crypto in a comfortable and friendly environment.

Let’s dive deep into this topic! 

Problems When Exchanging Crypto For Cash😱

People want security, a fast process and privacy when buying crypto assets. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy on most of the currently available online exchanges. Before a newbie buys crypto, it takes time, and it doesn’t happen immediately. First he or she has to go through legal procedures and technological obstacles. This may make them confused and concerned. However, from our experience and talking to people, they are not afraid of investing in and owning bitcoin (BTC). They are more concerned about the purchasing process itself, which we know can be quite challenging.

We all remember our emotions about the first cryptocurrency operations. Back then, many hands trembled before pressing “enter” when sending crypto. In times of stress, emotions take over and the mind shouts at us — just don’t send that money into space! 🤯 Newbies often feel this way because they are not sure if they are doing things correctly. It’s natural.

It’s also true that sometimes crypto user seems to be like a sapper! 💣 If he makes a mistake, it’s only once. Money sent to the wrong address may already be irretrievably lost! Additionally, not everyone is comfortable with sharing their personal information on the Internet because of the exchange registration process. So, beginners as well as advanced users who protect their privacy should be IMO supported!


A Simple Way How To Buy And Sell Crypto

Stationary exchange offices can come to the rescue, offering everything to make cryptocurrency users feel safe when buying and selling digital assets. The physical exchange points also provides fast service and customer privacy. This is an excellent option for both advanced crypto investors and (especially) beginners. When you exchange cash for bitcoin for the first time, there is probably no easier way than doing so at a crypto exchange office. We know, however, that for more advanced users, privacy plays a crucial role — that’s what our user survey reports say.

Let’s summarize in a few paragraphs why you should use stationary crypto exchange points. Because, for several reasons, users still buy and sell crypto in physical offices.

Safer, Faster And With Less Risk

👉 First of all, as we have written many times before, crypto exchange offices offer high security. It is often even more secure to purchase or sell crypto assets at these physical points than through online platforms. Certainly, person-to-person transactions reduce fraud risks.

👉 A physical exchange office is also better than an online exchange in terms of transaction speed, as it processes transactions almost instantly. As a result, the user doesn’t have to wait long for confirmation of a transaction (as we know, often that is the case online). This saves the customer time and gives peace of mind. Furthermore, users prefer stationary exchange offices, as they can easily sell crypto there and convert it into fiat money.

👉 Other significant aspects are a friendly environment and technical support. In stationary exchange offices, you can get direct support from customer service (not from a bot, but from a real person). You can ask an experienced employee of the exchange office for help if you have problems with a transaction or wallet. As a result, there is a reduced risk of making mistakes in choosing the right blockchain, pasting the address, or transferring digital assets. Basically, physical exchange points have premium customer service!

Privacy And Transactions Even In a Cafe?

👉 Stationary exchange offices offer the option to convert digital assets into cash with no effort. With this transaction form, the user’s privacy is not threatened and he can be sure that no unwanted person can access his investments.

👉 A large number of crypto investors, especially more advanced ones, are looking for platforms where they don’t have to share much personal information when exchanging cryptocurrencies. However, even if a user is willing to undergo full identity verification, some exchanges may limit their access based on country-specific restrictions. Fortunately, stationary exchange offices can overcome most of these limitations. The current regulations allow exchange office clients to purchase and sell crypto without strictly verifying their identities up to a certain amount (depends on country).

👉 Some of stationary exchange points cooperating with Ari10 gives the possibility to conduct transactions outside the office. It means that users can sometimes choose where the transaction will take place. No matter whether you’d like to meet at a stationary exchange office or someplace more convenient for you, like your favorite coffee shop or restaurant. Depending on your needs, the service can be tailored. This is all possible because of the cryptoterminal mobile device, which allows crypto exchanges away from stationary crypto offices.

Demand And Building a Network Of Exchange Offices 🏠

The exchange office has a lot to offer, especially at a time when banks are having more and more problems. After all, people want a safe haven for their money. Bitcoin (BTC) can be an excellent option, and exchange offices offer an easy way to convert cash into cryptocurrencies even for complete newbies. Our reports show that in times of economic instability, demand for exchange offices is growing. For this reason, Ari10 is responding to this demand in the form of Cryptoterminal. This is not just a small device for exchanging fiat-crypto, but first of all an effective way to create a network of exchange offices throughout Poland and Europe🙂


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*nothing written in this text is investment advice. Everyone needs to do their own research before making any financial decision.