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ARI10 Symbol
0x80262F604acAC839724F66846F290A2cC8b48662 Smart Contract Address

BEWARE OF SCAMMERS! This is the only correct smart contract address.

a token which keeps gaining value even during a crypto winter

We make profits regardless of whether Bitcoin gains or loses.

We are a working business with traction. Our token supports existing business, which enjoys a 30-fold y2y increase in sales. We have been delivering value since 2017. Our roadmap stretches many years into the future. And we don’t mind if winter is coming… Because as an exchange service provider, we make profits regardless of whether Bitcoin gains or loses.

The current ARI10 ecosystem

The market required solutions, so we delivered them. A few years later, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of services for the crypto market. A portfolio, which we keep developing.

Want to know our plans? Check our roadmap

Our ecosystem

Our own payment institution

A company licensed for providing financial services, including money transfers, managing virtual wallets, acquiring and issuing payment instruments.

Exchange service BITCAN.PL

The biggest and fastest-growing BTC exchange service in Poland.

Litpay ID

Our own extremely secure system for verifying user identity.

Bitcoin Widget

A system for fast and anonymous BTC purchases, which can be implemented as an element of any website.

Cryptoterminal POS

Hardware and software for anonymous stationary BTC-PLN transactions. The service works on the affiliate model. Now over 100 locations in Poland.

A payment institution

In the EU, owning this license is the basis of success for the crypto business. And it so happens that we have a licensed payment institution within our capital group, one which is allowed to carry out money transfers, maintain virtual wallets, and be licensed for acquiring and issuing payment instruments.

We make the lives of our customers easier by gathering many forms of payment in one place. Moreover, a broad range of services helps us obtain greater market coverage.

BITCAN.PL – BTC exchange service

The Exchange Service is not the most innovative idea in the world, but it has one unquestionable advantage – it’s a stable business in an unstable market. When crypto goes up, we make money. When crypto goes down, we make money. The need to enter or exit the market in both of these cases is equally vital. Since 2017 our Exchange Service makes it easy to buy Bitcoin quickly.

Litpay ID

It's our own, simple and very safe, and user-friendly identity verification system. This proprietary solution allows us to control the process of user onboarding fully. All of the data we receive is stored directly by us within the borders of the European Union, which makes it much safer than most other places that allow for online identity verification. Our solution is integrated with the eDO app, published by the Polish State Securities Printing House. Seriously, it doesn't get any safer than that.

The Widget – quick and anonymous transactions

We have created a widget for those customers looking to make crypto transactions quickly and anonymously. This solution doesn’t require registration or identity check. You buy BTC directly from the news service which you use every day. We share our profits with the publishers, who place our widgets on their pages. This way, we can scale our business at no significant cost, and we grow in scale. In Poland we can be found wherever it makes sense to be present. Just think about the opportunities this creates on a global scale.

Cryptoterminal – stationary cash transactions

Cryptoterminals - our hardware and software solution which allows for running a brick-and-mortar BTC exchange service. It is a response to another customer's need: I buy bitcoin online, but I want to exchange it into cash, which I can put in my wallet.

Cryptoterminals are used by our business partners. And based on our affiliation program, they obtain new locations and make money while growing our network. The attractive model of cooperation facilitates our rapid growth. Currently, there are over 100 locations in most of the major cities in Poland. And the number keeps growing.

Just think about the business potential. How big of a market is it in your country?

So, where’s the advantage?

There is indeed plenty of competition in the market, but there is still plenty of room, mainly due to its current development phase.

Blockchain is merely entering the growth phase, and this means that the fat years of prosperity are still ahead of us.

This is what the market looks like, and we have some strong arguments to go along with that.

In theory, exchanging cryptocurrencies into fiats is made possible using many competing applications, but those applications do not address many of these areas that we focus on. In fact, none of them do this as well as we do.

We take care of Business (B2B)

A business that wants to buy cryptocurrencies expects the whole legal and booking environment to work along with their purchase. And we are one of the few who provide such a business-friendly environment.

In theory, a business can use Revolut or Binance, but it's rather unlikely in practice. Revolut business customer onboarding is, to put it gently, discouraging. And most traditional businesses don't want to have anything to do with Binance because they can't even find out where is their registered office.

With us, it's hassle-free.

Complementary service for cryptocurrency exchanges

Most cryptocurrency exchange platforms allow for converting crypto into fiats, but this is not their core business. Exchange platforms intend to make money on trading. Traditional currency payments are merely a troublesome issue from their perspective. Trusted intermediaries with knowledge of the legal aspects in different locations are simply necessary, and that’s where we come into play.

Fast support & direct communication

If you’re a business, it’s easier to get a response to your prayers, than hear from the support of most crypto exchange platforms. With us, your company can solve unconventional issues on the same day.

Real volume

Compared to international exchange platforms our turnover may seem minor. But if you focus on the details:

  1. We show all in and out payments in fiats, and 80% of their traffic is generated by bots.
  2. We are the largest exchange service in Poland and Poland is the CEE leader.
  3. We grow 30-fold y2y in terms of sales.
  4. Each of our products responds to a real need of real people, which in the crypto world is rather an anomaly.


The tokenomy we apply is a compilation of all of the validated mechanisms used in exchange platform tokens. In hindsight, looking at the first ICO bubble in 2017, we can say that this is the only method that works every time. Both among the giants and the smaller players. We have the basis to argue that it should be the same in our case.

Token usage

Most of all, profit gains on a token result from its broad application within the issuer’s ecosystem. Within the environment that we already have, it will be widely used. Since the coin is being implemented within an existing business, we can ensure that following the listing it will be used as:

  • Access to a premium account and many new value-added services
  • One of the payment methods within our platform
  • A way to lower commissions
  • A way to lower miner fees
  • Loyalty and affiliate programs

Next come features such as: Cashback, Staking, Bonuses for users of the DCA program.

3 phases of ARI10 coin adoption:


exchange into FIATs


availability through the widget
and in Cryptoterminals


implementation within
the payment gate

Staking model:

Our hodlers will get steady and recurring benefits. Participants of the program will also receive:

Additional discounts for our services, including commissions and miner fees

Access to additional content and events

Higher rewards from affiliate

Deflationary coin model

Each of the entities within the ARI10 capital group will be obliged to use the coin and, as a result, to buy it off the market. The number of coins in the market will decrease in time. This means that the more patient you are, the more you will gain.

A growing ecosystem

Circulation of the coin – in the form of additional bonuses – will also be implemented among our widget and Cryptoterminal partners, which will increase the number of entities using the coin to several dozen


We are committed to engaging our community. Our plans include launching a platform that will allow our hodlers to vote for new features, new coins, and the charities we support

How much are we going to raise?

2 402 400 USD which gives Initial Market Cap 567 600 USD
SEED (sold) $158 400,00 13 200 000 0,012 USD per token
PRIVATE SALE (sold) $1 716 000,00 132 000 000 0,013 USD per token
PUBLIC SALE (sold) $528 000,00 35 200 000 0,015 USD per token
TOTAL FUNDING $2 402 400,00 180 400 000
(20,5% of total token supply)
SEED (sold)
FUNDING$158 400,00
TOKEN SUPPLY13 200 000
TOKEN PRICE0,012 USD per token
FUNDING$1 716 000,00
TOKEN SUPPLY132 000 000
TOKEN PRICE0,013 USD per token
FUNDING$528 000,00
TOKEN SUPPLY35 200 000
TOKEN PRICE0,015 USD per token
FUNDING$2 402 400,00
TOKEN SUPPLY180 400 000
(20,5% of total token supply)

Tokenization will hasten the development process of our business. This means that those who join us early gain the most.


The growth of our token will exceed your expectations. Our detailed road map will ensure further development of ARI10, and, as a consequence – the value of our token.


Q3.2017 BITCAN v1

Initiated MVP of the exchange offers fast payments and BTC wallet.

Q1.2018 BITCAN v2

Updated version of the exchange, redesigned UX, managing wallets, ATM service.

Q3.2019 Payment institution

Bitcan is acquired by a company licensed for payment services, including money transfers, managing virtual wallets, acquiring and issuing payment instruments.

Q4.2019 Wallet BTC

Implementation of proprietary BTC wallets, strengthening of the exchange’s position in the Polish market.

Q1.2020 Widget (Purchase, PL)

Quick & anonymous BTC purchase on external partners’ websites. No account needed.

Q2.2020 Cryptoterminal

Hardware and software for anonymous stationary BTC-PLN transactions. The service works on the affiliate model.

Q3.2020 ARI10 Group

Dividing operations into specialized product-based companies. Decentralized management based on the needs of particular products. ARI10 is created as the mother brand associating all products.

Arbitrary engine

A completely rebuilt system allows for downloading the best offers from cooperating exchanges. Securing solvency in case of increased traffic and competing rates.

Q4.2020 LitpayID

Implementation of our own system for validation of user identity. Later integration with the eDO app published by the Polish State Securities Printing House made the process as safe as possible.


Dominating position in the market for exchange services in Poland:
  • Bitcan - more than 100 000 business and individual clients
  • Bitcoin Widget - used by 46 sites. Partner websites are visited by over 3M UU monthly.
  • Cryptoterminal - over 100 stationary offices in Poland.
  • increased revenues by 500% Q2Q
  • ROE > 180%
  • C/i = 63%
  • a growing number of satisfied customers NPS > 40

A tested business model allowing for organic growth. International payment methods integrated with their own payment institution. Internal verification and scoring system.


Q4.2021 ARI10 Token listing Staking program

Earn money on your ARI10 token from the moment of listing.

DCA (Dollar cost averaging)

Add your credit card and automate your systematic crypto investments

Widget (Selling)

The Widget will allow for selling with payouts to a card, through ATM or cash collection at a particular location (in cooperation with Cryptoterminal).

New coins and wallets (BNB, BUSD, LUNA, UST)

Broadening of the offer of available coins.

Q1.2022 Migration of products under the ARI10 brand

All your crypto products in one place.


All features to date in a single mobile app on App Store and Google Play.

Apple Pay + G-Pay

Aside from cards, Blik and Paybylinks. Simplicity and new methods of payment accepted internationally.

Bitcoin Lightning Network Integration

Send your Bitcoins even faster and with the lowest transaction fees (miner fee).

Q2.2022 Cryptovoucher

BTC vouchers which can be used to top up a wallet just like you can top up a prepaid sim card. Vouchers will be made available at large retail networks.

Partner integration

Investment Management Panel Overview of the entire portfolio (crypto in different exchanges) all in one place. Possibility to monitor and realize profits from every single transaction. Integrated portfolio with a fiscal platform (B2B customers).

ARI10 Academy

Online on-ramp courses for business

Q3.2022 API for open banking

Gate and crypto wallets for customers of financial institutions.

Cryptocurrency payment gate

Enabling cryptocurrency payments for e-commerce.

Expansion into CEE markets
Q4.2022 Coin bridge

Possibility to exit from any coin into FIAT.

Own ATMs, out-of-bank cash management

Broadening of the Cryptoterminal Partner offer sharing our ATMs with them.

2023 EMI Licence

Digital money license, or perhaps even a banking license.

We aim to create a crypto bank that will respond to the current needs of the market.


Our Team



Co-founder and CEO


Co-founder and Chief Information
& Security Officer/Head of Technology


Co-founder and Cryptoterminal
Product Owner


Co-founder and Chief Operation Officer


Co-founder and Board Member




Co-founder & Board Member



Co-founder and Chief Information
& Security Officer/Head of Technology


Blockchain consultant


Backend Developer


Backend Developer


Frontend Developer



BitcoinWidget Product Owner


Cryptoterminal Product Owner


Token Expert


Token Project Manager


Social Media Manager


Content Manager


UX/UI Designer


Partnerships & Sales



Head of Legal and Compliance Department


AML Officer


AML Officer



Customer Experience Manager


Customer Care Team Leader


Customer Experience Specialist


Customer Experience Specialist


Customer Experience Specialist

Administration & HR Team


Office Manager


HR Assistant

We are working with

Frequently Asked Question

Ari10 is a 5-product crypto company with over 40 persons on the board. We have been on the market for 4 years, and we created: Bitcan (online exchange service), BitcoinWidget, Litpay (our financial institution), Litpay ID and CryptoTerminals. Please visit our main page to get more details:

For the latest status updates on Ari10, please follow us on social media, & and go to the Roadmap section on this page where you can check the updated information.

You can buy Ari10 tokens on PancakeSwap. Check our tutorials on Ari10 YouTube channel:

The contract address of Ari10 will be published on this website. Please, beware of scams. The only correct Smart contract address will be published on this website.

You can find the latest news & updates on our social media channels,

Please get in touch with us using the contact tab on our website or ask any of our moderators on the official telegram channel

The Ari10 App will be released in Q1 2022.

Yes. We are planning to be listed on Cex. Please await further announcements.

Staking & Farming is available on our token panel
Tutorials are available on our Youtube channel:

You can find our roadmap on this website, in the section Roadmap.

Yes. There will be Ari10 token burns made from company profits each quarter.

Ari10 is released on binance smart chain (BSC) with plans to expand into other blockchains in the future.

You will be able to claim them via our Ari10 token panel

Yes, there was one Ari10 Airdrop already. We have plans for more. Please wait for further announcements.

Both have 10% TGE. A private sale has 15 months daily linear vesting, public sale has 12 months daily linear vesting.

No, The Ari10 team is not anonymous. You can go to our team tab on this website, check our Whitepaper & see the team behind Ari10 (including links to our Linkedin profiles).

BNB will be the only approved currency.

The listing price of Ari10 will be 0.015$.

You can claim your Ari10 tokens using the token panel on our website

It happens because there is a vesting process. A private sale has 15 months daily linear vesting, a public sale has 12 months daily linear vesting.

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