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The crypto market rout in 2022 significantly increased financial stress. Bitcoin (BTC) has already lost 60% of its value, and other assets (altcoins) are slumping even harder. While trading in the volatile crypto industry is not for everyone, Ari10’s Cryptoterminal offers a unique opportunity to earn money regardless of the bear market.

If you are looking for a business opportunity, diversification or an additional source of income, and you want to learn about crypto from the inside, then do not hesitate to check Ari10’s product! More than 130 business owners have joined us so far!

Open Your Crypto Exchange Office with Cryptoterminal 🏦

As an entrepreneur, you know that the last few months were not easy for business owners. The ongoing war in Ukraine, record-high inflation and the beginning of the economic crisis may damage even the most persistent company.

On the other hand, it is an excellent opportunity to look for an additional income source and consider diversifying the current business model. At Ari10, we offer you the opportunity to enter the modern blockchain industry with a small device called Cryptoterminal, that allows you to run your own crypto exchange office!

Have you not dealt with cryptocurrencies before? No problem at all! Ari10 will guide you through the entire process, handling most of the formalities for you. It is also an excellent opportunity for those already operating traditional exchange offices (with only fiats): a stationary crypto exchange can run in the same spot, requiring little to even zero effort.

More than 130 partners in Poland already use Cryptoterminal from Ari10. Adam Łoch, the owner of BMG Tuning, a professional car tuning company, is one of them. In addition to his core business, Adam decided to run a cryptocurrency exchange office. Jaroslaw Siemiątkowski, who drives a Mini Donuts food truck, also offers his customers a crypto exchange.

Another example is Pawel Kucharzak, the owner of Kantor Invest, that combines the functionality of a traditional FX office with a cryptocurrency exchange spot.

Each of them, and the entire rapidly growing group of partners, can count on Ari10’s Cryptoterminal team support in the form of training, legal consulting, first transaction manuals, access to a credit line, and exclusive acccess to a community of interesting, entrepreneurial people!

In conclusion, you can combine traditional business with Cryptoterminal activities. What’s more, they can complement each other. A customer of a donut or auto repair shop can become a customer of a crypto exchange at the same time. And vice versa! Those exchanging bitcoin for fiat can benefit from other services and products offered by your company.


Along with Ari10, cryptocurrency exchange offices are already operated by more than 130 companies and partners!

If you want to read more interesting stories and profiles of the entrepreneurs we cooperate with, check out our interviews with Arkadiusz Miodek, the owner of a numismatic store, and Piotr Szeniawski, the founders of OSA Sport. As you can see, the cryptocurrency business can be combined with practically any industry!

Ease of Entry and Huge Market Potential

If you decide to use Ari10’s Cryptoterminal and start your own crypto exchange office, the Ari10 team will guarantee you access to the full documentation package on regulations related to customer identification (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML). We’ve done the most difficult part of the work for you to make setting up a crypto exchange office even easier! Our account manager will show you how to process crypto transactions and operate in the dynamic digital assets world.

More than 300 million people worldwide use cryptocurrencies, and the crypto asset market has nearly tripled in size in the last two years. Today, despite the decline in the major cryptos’ price, it is valued at almost $1 BILLION! By using Cryptoterminal, you are joining a global market with huge potential, in which major companies worldwide have already invested.


A number of cryptocurrency wallets (users) in the world.

Do you want to join the Cryptoterminal business and become Ari10’s partner? Follow these three simple steps:

 Fill out the application form 📫

● Wait for our representative to contact you. You will be guided through the entire process of opening a cryptocurrency exchange office 📞

● Start your cryptocurrency business and earn money even during the crypto winter! 💰

Rising Popularity of Crypto with People 💹

Whether bitcoin rises or falls, it is used in hundreds of thousands of transactions. Customers are increasingly paying with it daily and looking for exchange offices that allow them to exchange assets quickly and efficiently.

The daily number of confirmed transactions on the BTC network averages 250,000.

Remember, you do not have to be a cryptocurrency expert to run a crypto exchange office. Cryptoterminal is a portable device you can use everywhere! Make appointments with your clients on the go, offer door-to-door services or operate in a more traditional form. It is all up to you.

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Catch the Bitcoin Train Before it Leaves

According to experts, blockchain is the future and one of the most important trends in the ongoing fourth industrial revolution. Despite the market’s current huge capitalisation, it is still a young industry you can join in the early stages of development. And remember: THE EARLY BIRD CATCHES THE WORM!

Cryptoterminal from Ari10 allows you to diversify your sources of income, enter a prospective industry and meet entrepreneurial people, not only from the world of crypto, but also from many other sectors.

Join our 130 partners and start your own cryptocurrency business. Fill out the application form and wait for an Ari10 representative to contact you. You are only one little step away from starting a new and exciting adventure in the world of crypto. Hop on the bitcoin wagon before it speeds up too much and leaves the station without you!